31 Juillet 2022
New Najar&Perrot's music video is now online : Click here !
11 Novembre 2021
Najar & Perrot are shooting the new music videos of the artist Bleu Lune ! To be continued...
07 Janvier 2020
First Najar & Perrot's good resolution for 2020 ? Here it is !
22 Novembre 2019
Our new theater project is coming soon..! Click here to know a bit more.
18 Septembre 2019
Fake fur, true Najar & Perrot, Click here
12 Octobre 2018
Najar & Perrot are in a birdmood for there new project ! Click here
04 Septembre 2018
Time to go back to school ! Click here
14 Juillet 2018
Najar & Perrot : working together since 15 years, and not a single wrinkle ! Click here
11 Janvier 2018
Najar & Perrot wish you a simple, joyful and fun year. click here !
05 Novembre 2017
Najar & Perrot are now on instagram. Follow them HERE !
08 Juillet 2016
SWEET MOSQUITO, the latest Najar and Perrot's short film is now avaliable online ! CLICK HERE
24 Novembre 2015
The famous french TV show ON N'EST PAS COUCHE talks about Najar & Perrot's music video for Antoine Chance : CLICK HERE !
08 Janvier 2015
Here's Najar & Perrot's first message for 2015 CLICK HERE !!
24 Octobre 2014
The tandem Najar & Perrot are shooting a tv ad for Cash Express ! See the picture
30 Septembre 2014
Let's suscribe to the NEWSLETTER to receive Najar and Perrot's news by email !
24 Juin 2014
The new music video directed by N&P for singer ANTOINE CHANCE exceeds the 40.000 views ! For the occasion, enter the shooting's backstage via a Making of directed by Amélie Chopinet ! CLIQUEZ ICI
29 Avril 2014
Najar and Perrot met the director Samuel Benchetrit on the french tv show "Court Central" to show him there last short film SWEET MOSQUITO CLICK HERE
24 Avril 2014
CLICK HERE to have a foretaste of our encounter with Samuel Benchetrit in "Court Central ", french TV Show on OCS Channel ! It will be broadcasted on Wednesday April 23 at 20:10, Friday 25 April at 16:20 or 0:40, and on Sunday April 27 at 13:50. Get ready !
11 Avril 2014
TANK magazine dedicates 6 pages on Najar and Perrot's work ! CLICK HERE to read an extract.
30 Mars 2014
LA REVELATION (with Amélie Chopinet and Antoine Schoumsky) one of the sketch directed by Najar&Perrot for the SFR web Campaign, has just exceeded 2 millions views on youtube ! Click here to see it !
25 Mars 2014
Antoine Chance speaks about Najar & Perrot's new music video in the Dan Late Show : CLICK HERE !
24 Mars 2014
Antoine Chance took the challenge of the sequence shot for the musicvideo of his first single FOU, directed by N&P ! Click here !
18 Mars 2014
Najar & Perrot are working hard in Brussels ! Here's the proof : CLICK HERE
13 Mars 2014
Shooting of the Antoine Chance's musicvideo : it's a wrap ! It will be available soon. CLICK HERE
02 Mars 2014
Najar & Perrot shared the tv set of Court Central with the french director Samuel Benchetrit. CLICK HERE. Coming soon in the "PRESS" part of the website !
27 Janvier 2014
After being broadcasted during one year on CANAL+, SWEET MOSQUITO has just been bought by the french channel Orange Cinema Series to be broadcasted all along the year on its 5 Cinema channels !
21 Décembre 2013
More than 2 200 000 views for the SFR WEB CAMPAIN directed by Najar & Perrot ! Watch the 3 episodes BY CLICKING HERE
26 Novembre 2013
The music video of L'AMOUR CRASSE, directed by Najar & Perrot has been selected to the prestigious BBC MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL. CLICK HERE
26 Novembre 2013
More than 800 000 vues on youtube for the 1st episode of the SFR Web Campaign directed by Najar & Perrot ! CLICK HERE to watch it.
19 Novembre 2013
64th selection for Sweet Mosquito which will compete at the Luxor Film Festival in January 2014. Egypt, here comes the mosquito !
30 Septembre 2013
Najar & Perrot offer you a Special Discount : 2 directors for the price of 1 : CLICK HERE to see the deal !
14 Septembre 2013
Let's celebrate the 60th festival's selection of SWEET MOSQUITO in the world by clicking here !
25 Août 2013
WEIRDO by Najar & Perrot has been chosen to be on the home page of Dailymotion today (on Sunday) at 8 pm ! Stay connected !
15 Juillet 2013
Najar & Perrot's ad campaign for NORAUTO counts more than 150 000 views on Internet ! Check the 4 episodes here, click here !
28 Juin 2013
Breaking news : SWEET MOSQUITO has just won the OURS d'OR at Festival des Nations à Ebensee in Austria !
27 Juin 2013
In on day, more than 10 000 views, 150 shares, 1000 likes : the launch of the new web campaign by Najar&Perrot for the brand NORAUTO is starting well ! See the first episode by clicking here 3 more episodes are coming soon... Get ready !
13 Mai 2013
N&P are editing the Norauto web campaign ! Let's see
13 Mai 2013
SWEET MOSQUITO aka SUSSE GELSE will be competiting at the Nations of Ebensee festival in Austria and Autour du Court Festival in Nogent sur Marne. Sehr Gut !
09 Mai 2013
SWEET MOSQUITO will be screened at 9.30 this evening on the "Cinema Houseboat" in Paris !
05 Mai 2013
Najar & Perrot will be the directors of the next web campaign for Norauto !
06 Mars 2013
SWEET MOSQUITO has just won its 8th award / Audience Award at the Kinoma Film Festival of Paris !
29 Janvier 2013
To celebrate its 20000 views on the web, let's discover the making of the musicvideo L'AMOUR CRASSE (by Najar & Perrot) directed by Amélie Chopinet ! Click here
28 Novembre 2012
Najar & Perrot new music video has arrived ! Discover "Crass Love" in the music videos category. Already more than 5700 views on Dailymotion...
23 Octobre 2012
Najar and Perrot have just finished to shoot the musicvideo of "L'Amour Crasse" !
04 Octobre 2012
After one year on stage around France, The Luce Tour (directed by Najar and Perrot) is now finished. But not without some memories... Let's watch the video
14 Septembre 2012
25th selection for Sweet Mosquito ! The film will compete in October in Montpellier for the Cinemed festival and then for the Abitibi Temiscamingue festival in Canada !
14 Août 2012
SWEET MOSQUITO takes no holidays : for now, it's been selected in 20 festivals around the world ! (Barcelone, Setubàl, Québec, Saint-Jean de Luz, Nice, Saint-Etienne, Meudon, Choisy-le-Roi, Grenoble, Hyères, etc...)!
11 Juin 2012
‘’Sweet mosquito‘’, Najar & Perrot's last short film will be broadcast on June 17 at 1.49 am on Canal + !
07 Avril 2012
"SWEET MOSQUITO" is part of the Canal+ selection in the Short film Corner of Cannes !
23 Mars 2012
One of the episode of "Scènes de Ménage" written by Najar and Perrot has been chosen to promote the series on television : let's see it
05 Mars 2012
"WEIRDO" has just won the MK2 competition and will be screen in all MK2 cinemas in Paris during one year ! Thank you for your support !
24 Février 2012
The trailer of SWEET MOSQUITO, the new movie of Najar and Perrot, is now online ! Click here
13 Février 2012
Don't forget that the screening of our last short film SWEET MOSQUITO is on wednesday 15th at 20.00 o'clock at the Studio des Ursulines in Paris !
08 Janvier 2012
"Weirdo" has finally arrived on the web ! It takes part of the competition "MK2" that could make it be broadcasted in cinemas in Paris ! To see it and vote, let's click here!
02 Décembre 2011
Here's a little souvenir of Luce's concert at the Trianon in Paris, staged by Najar & Perrot : Click here ! There's still 17 dates : More information on lescouleursdeluce.com
28 Novembre 2011
"Les jeudis de Luce" juste arrived in SERIES !
05 Novembre 2011
Najar and Perrot are editing their new short film "Sweet Mosquito" !
01 Septembre 2011
Najar & Perrot stage Luce's tour. The first show of the young singer will be on september 9 in Perpignan ! Let's see a picture
03 Août 2011
The TV Show "Court central" came on the shooting of "Weirdo" : Let's see it
20 Juillet 2011
Weirdo will be part of the official selection @ SESIFF (Seoul Film Festival) !
18 Juillet 2011
Weirdo will be part of the Off Court Festival in Trouville on September 5th. It will then travel to Lausanne where it will be screened on November 16 !
11 Juillet 2011
16th selection for "Weirdo" : It will be in official competition at the Comedy Festival of Meudon in October !
28 Juin 2011
"Weirdo" has been selected to screen at the 9th annual Tulsa United Film Festival this coming July 21st - 25th !
19 Juin 2011
"Weirdo" will be on TV again on Canal + the 26th of June at 19h53 !
17 Juin 2011
Weirdo wins a special mention from the "signis" jury at the Festroia Festival in Portugal !
06 Juin 2011
After being sold to the Swedish Tv, "Weirdo" has just been sold to "Canal+ Spain" and "BeTv" in Belgium !
03 Juin 2011
"Weirdo" will be broadcasted on the 9th of June at 10.13 o'clock on Canal + (Channel 4) !
30 Mai 2011
The next short film by Najar & Perrot "Sweet Mosquito" has been bought by Canal +. It has also obtained the support of the région Languedoc Roussillon. Shooting planned for october 2011 !
05 Mai 2011
Najar & Perrot join Irène production ! www.irene.fr
05 Mai 2011
The music video "Rondo Parisiano" by Najar and Perrot has been watched 460 000 times on youtube ! Watch it
10 Avril 2011
10th Selection for "Weirdo" : it will take part of the United film festival of Los Angeles !
28 Mars 2011
Weirdo has been selected at the Athens International Film & Video festival and celebrates its 9th selection !
25 Mars 2011
8th selection for "Weirdo" : It's part of the official selection of Indie Cinema Series film festival of Los Angeles !
19 Mars 2011
7th selection for "Weirdo" : it's just been selected in the Colcoa film festival of Hollywood!
12 Mars 2011
Najar & Perrot are shooting a series for the first album of Luce (winner of the french X-Factor) !
02 Mars 2011
Weirdo has been selected at the "Très Courts" film festival in Paris - broadcasted simultaneously in 80 towns in the world !
02 Mars 2011
Weirdo has been selected and will be part of the official selection of the Newport Beach Film Festival !
07 Février 2011
Weirdo has been selected at the Shorts Shorts film festival at Tokyo !
23 Janvier 2011
Weirdo just won the prize for best short film at the Alpe d'Huez film festival !
08 Décembre 2010
"Weirdo" has been selected to the international Comedy film festival of Alpe d'Huez in the official selection!
16 Novembre 2010
"Weirdo", Najar & Perrot's last film has been selected by Mammoth Film Festival (United States).
16 Octobre 2010
Najar & Perrot direct the prime time of GULLI's 5th birthday. Currently filming (broadcast on November 18).
01 Octobre 2010
Najar and Perrot gave birth do their new baby ! 'Weirdo' is a 4 minutes fiction, hybrid between commercial, music video and film. It will soon be online.
07 Août 2010
Najar and Perrot are scriptwriters on the series "Scènes de Ménage", starting on french TV in September!
03 Juin 2010
Najar and Perrot are shooting their fourth short film called "RIDICULOUS" from friday 4th to monday 7th of June! To be continued...
23 Avril 2010
Najar and Perrot in the french magazine Paris-Match : Click here to see the article.
20 Février 2010
Najar and Perrot will take part of the jury of the European Independant Film festival on March 12th, 13th and 14th !
12 Janvier 2010
The new music video of Najar and Perrot for the electro band SomethingALaMode (feat Karl Lagerfeld) comes out this week on TV and is visible online now in clicking here !
05 Janvier 2010
Najar and Perrot wish you a happy new year : Click here !
21 Novembre 2009
The music video "CLYDE AND BONNIE" directed by Najar and Perrot has been selected in the international independant music video festival of Paris!
08 Novembre 2009
The new advert of Najar and Perrot for the make Vanessa Deutsch is now online in "ADVERTS" !
03 Novembre 2009
The music video "Clyde & Bonnie" directed by Najar and Perrot is selected in the international music video festival of Paris PROTOCLIP !
27 Juin 2009
"The disturbing Mr. Raoul" by Najar and Perrot will be projected at 20.00 on Monday 29th of June at Le Réservoir in Paris !
17 Juin 2009
Become producer of our next short film LOLA on www.motionsponsor.com !
04 Juin 2009
The new showreel of Najar and Perrot is now available here !
22 Avril 2009
Najar & Perrot just joined the new production company BUD as directors ! www.budprod.com
01 Février 2009
The DISTURBING Mr. RAOUL of Najar & Perrot comes out in dvd in the short films' compilation "LES COURTS DE BLUE". You can buy it HERE !
17 Décembre 2008
The new adverts of Najar & Perrot (promoting www.najar-perrot.com) are now visible HERE
11 Décembre 2008
"The fantasies of Mr. Paul", the new series of Najar & Perrot is now visible HERE!
27 Novembre 2008
Najar & Perrot's last music video "Clyde & Bonnie" is in post-production. Soon online !
14 Novembre 2008
The new music vidéo of Doc Gynéco, directed by Najar and Perrot ic now online : watch it!
25 Octobre 2008
Najar & Perrot directed the new music video of Doc Gyneco. Soon on tv !
12 Octobre 2008
"The fantasies of Mr. Paul", the new serie of Najar & Perrot's is in editing. Coming soon !
07 Septembre 2008
"Mr. Raoul's little suicides" are selected in La Rochelle's festival !
01 Septembre 2008
Najar & Perrot are directing the next advert for Crédit Logement.
22 Mai 2008
The "Suicide feet in the water" of Najar et Perrot will be on tv this evening at 23.40 in the tv program "Les films faits à la maison".
27 Avril 2008
"Mr. Raoul's little suicides", the new serie of Najar & Perrot, just got more than 100 000 views on Dailymotion !
21 Avril 2008
Najar & Perrot were interviewed on radio RFI. Listen an extract in "Press".
17 Avril 2008
Najar & Perrot are now represented by the agency Cinéart.
13 Avril 2008
"Le Monde" of tuesday 8th of April talks about Najar & Perrot. Read the article in "Press" !
02 Avril 2008
A l'occasion d'une projection organisée par l'équipe de Dailymotion, notre "suicide pieds dans l'eau" sera projeté au Cinéma des Cinéastes samedi 5 avril à 12h30. Venez nombreux !
05 Mars 2008
Najar & Perrot sont en préparation de leur prochain court-métrage "LOLA", avec Benjamin Biolay (produit par Patchwork Studio).
13 Février 2008
"A son in campain", the documentary following Thomas Hollande (Segolene Royal's son) during the 2007's campain is now on line in "Documentaries" !
30 Octobre 2007
Audrey et Frédéric travaillent actuellement au développement d'une série de programmes courts ("Les fantaisies de M. Paul") avec la société de production Loving The Life.
28 Septembre 2007
Le making of du "Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" vous attend dans les 'bonus ' sur le site de Polo : paulemileraoul.com !
20 Septembre 2007
Le 10 Octobre prochain, la société de production Blue Marlyn organise une projection de ses trois nouveaux courts-métrages. Parmi eux, "Le Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" ! Venez nombreux et pour être sur la liste, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Pour voir le flyer, cliquez ici
30 Juin 2007
Notre dernier court-métrage "Des Olives et des larmes" est entré dans sa phase "post-production"!
08 Mai 2007
Le clip "Salo-Maso" est en ligne!
24 Avril 2007
Najar et Perrot tournent en ce moment avec Natalia Gallois un documentaire sur Thomas Hollande (fils de Ségolène Royal et François Hollande) pendant la campagne présidentielle.
02 Avril 2007
Il y a quelques mois Le phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul remportait quelques prix auprès d'un jury professionnel... Ces prix vont nous permettre de tourner un nouveau court-métrage du 11 au 20 juin prochain! Mazeltov!
19 Mars 2007
Tournage du 1er CLIP de Fred et Audrey prévu pour bientôt! Et pour pimenter le tout: ce sera le clip d'une chanson écrite et composée par Frédéric lui même...Préparez vos yeux et écoutilles!
18 Février 2007
"Lola", le prochain scénario de Najar et Perrot, est en cours de développement avec une société de production. Tournage prévu dans l'année.
07 Janvier 2007
Actuellement pour "le Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" : - Montage d'une version plus courte, - Nouvelle affiche et nouvelle jaquette de dvd, - Projet de diffusion avec une maison de production.
13 Novembre 2006
Audrey et Frédéric sont actuellement en écriture de leur prochain court métrage...
09 Octobre 2006
La première télé de Najar et PErrot est en ligne dans "Presse"
03 Octobre 2006
Du nouveau dans les bonus de Paulemileraoul.com : storyboard, dessin animé, illustrations et bientôt version commentée et making of !
26 Septembre 2006
Le site du "Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" est en ligne ! Vous pouvez allez y faire un tour dès maintenant dans la rubrique "Films" !
11 Août 2006
Première télé de Najar et Perrot le 29 Juin à 16h dans "Court mais bon" sur Direct 8 ! En présence de Francis Lalanne qui présentait également un court, Audrey et Frédéric ont parlé de 'Boulette', mais aussi de leurs gouts cinématographiques, de leurs envies, de leurs projets. Bientôt quelques extraits de l'émission sur ce site dans "Télévisions".
03 Juillet 2006
Oyé Oyé ! Projection du film "le ¨Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" : Samedi 8 juillet à 18h au 37 quai de grenelle à PARIS, salle Jean Renoir.
28 Juin 2006
Bientôt le site du film "Le phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" sera en ligne : www.paulemileraoul.com
28 Juin 2006
Présentation du "Phénomène Paul-Emile Raoul" devant un jury de professionnels, le film a remporté : - Le prix du meilleur film - Le prix du meilleur scénario (à l'unanimité) - Le prix des anciens élèves de l'ESRA (à l'unanimité)